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10290 Chapel Hill Rd
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Become a young scientist!

Year Round STEM based Science Camp for Track-Out Kids (M-F 9 am – 5 pm) and EN STEM Tutorial Program (Tue 6 pm-8 pm/ Sat 10 am-noon) for Elementary & Middle-School students.

BioMedTrack is a unique year-round Science Camp for elementary & middle school students. In our camp, students will experience progressive learning of the fundamentals of chemistry, cellular biology, neuroscience and application of physics & mathematics in chemical and biological processes through hands-on experiments and will prepare projects for different science competitions like Science Olympiad in order to become a Junior Scientists.

At our fun-filled and scientifically vibrant center, students will learn how to:


  • DEVELOP Scientific Questions
  • CARRY OUT Experiments
  • Draw Conclusions from Data
  • WRITE How to write Laboratory Notebooks & Present Scientific Data
  • PREPARE for Scientific Competition such as Science Olympiad
  • BUILD Leadership and Partnership Skills

  • LEARN how things work with hands -on activities
  • BUILD with special LEGO Technique pieces & parts
  • GROW basic engineering and design concepts
  • BATTLE your ‘bots with other teams
  • EXPLORE your imagination
  • PRACTICE problem-solving and teamwork
  • TRAIN for Robotics Competitions

BioMed Track introducing new En-Stem Tutorial Program (Enhance & Nurture Stem)

Mission Statement

Biomedical Science, Bio-chemistry, Robotics and Biomedical engineering along with their applications in our everyday life, are rapidly growing areas of STEM that will dominate the global science and economic engines in the coming decades. Thus, an early exposure to these areas at elementary and middle school years, with hands-on experience, will help each child become a successful Global-Science Citizen (GSC). In our camp, students will experience the dual approach of learning using hands-on experiments along with problem-based deductive reasoning and this will results in the best possible Student’s Learning Outcome (SLO). Our mission is to prepare our students to be champion of science and help them excel in nationwide science competitions so they become successful in their future science careers.