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Lynne Raha

“Great science camp for your children.”

Kalyaani Sharma

“The kids enjoyed the camp !!”

‎Jayanti Raghu

“Love the concept. This is a much needed addition to our local community. This is the missing piece for science that is taught at middle school. I urge all moms to send their kids here as this is the part that our children need. The ability to explore and experiment with knowledgeable instructors.”

Dominic Wong

“This science camp is truly educational and fun. It’s not the ordinary outside school activity that you would expect. Rather, I find the program very inspirational and educational for the kids at a young age. It’s not just about learning bio-chemistry and science in early stage, but to help kids open up and expands their curiosity and imagination. I really like their program curriculum, especially the hands-on experiment. And the staff is very knowledgeable and experience with the subjects and materials. I would highly encourage your kids to join this program.”

Ron Sanyal

“Continue the good work.”

Elizabeth H

“BioMed Track is one of the most ingenious ideas for tutoring students with the actual hands on experiments that you can imagine for a student mindset for science to be. The Camp’s atmosphere involves the hands on participation of each student’s ideas and research of the experiments they do. The great expression of their knowledge from learning which can help them to take their decision and direction of furthering their path of education.”

Abbie Grenert Stanley

“Great location, very nice leadership – all were very helpful with any questions we had and very accommodating. It’s a very intense science camp compared to the other science camps we have done – lots and lots of information for the kids to learn and process. If you have a budding scientist give it a try for sure!”

Bhaskar Mula

“This is a awesome experimental science learning experience for kids”

Christopher Dawson

“My son did not think he would enjoy the camp because it was related to science and learning. After the first day, he wanted to go another week! The staff did a great job of facilitating fun and educational science activities that are age-appropriate.”

Prasanta Chowdhury

“It is really an highly appreciable endeavor to enlighten the school students through BioMedTrack.”

Ardhendu Singh

“My kid thoroughly enjoyed the BioMedTrack program. Being an elementary student, it was her first exposure to chemistry and bio experiments. She likes the hands on approach to all experiments such as making soaps, looking at tissue cells through microscope. She definitely wants to go back this camp in her next track out.”

Lee Esteve

“My granddaughter attended several days of camp and just loved her interaction. We got daily feedback as well as photos showing her at work. I would highly recommend this camp for your child.”

Subhashini Koundinya-Iyer

“Thank you to the team at BioMedTrack, Morrisville NC for making my 9 year old’s time at day camp during spring break ,so much fun. he came back excited about all the experiments done and all that he had learned. Thank you for making it a great learning experience.”

Ragz Hari

“You guys are doing brilliant job! My daughter Somi is having so much fun while she is learning something new every day! I m not home but will have to share posters she made at home on her biomed track camp. By the way all voluntarily done and when she showed me I was tickled pink. Keep up the good work Biomed team!”

Valarmathi Manickam

“Thanks, Barnali for giving a wonderful experience for my daughter. She had fun with your experiments and camp. Looking forward to join again”

Bhanu Mahesh

“If any of you looking for Summer camp / Track out camp for Kids? BioMedTrack is really awesome.”

Bijal Hemal

“My son has been going there for last 3 weeks. And he is learning awesome things”

Swapna Deverakonda

“My daughter loves the camp. She is learning a lot and comes home very excited. Liked the concept of certificate and presentation on Fridays which motivates kids!!”


Rupal Nishar-Parekh

“It’s a great program.”

Ramya Desikan

“They have a very good program and my daughter loved their camp.”

Aditi Sheth

“My daughter and her friends love it too! They do all kinds of different science experiments, write In detail about their observations and generally have fun doing it!”

Suma Jayaprakash

“BioMedTrack is too good, thanks Barnali for increasing curiosity about science in my kid”

Amar Natarajan

“Educational science camp, the experiments are simple enough for him to perform at home. He pretty much carries his experiment log book boasting his invention!”

Saurabh Kumar

“BioMedTrack camp is a perfect combination of education and fun. This camp teaches cool and interesting science topics followed by fun science experiments to reinforce the topic. My kids went to the camp for 2 weeks during their track out and it covered a lot of experiments during the 2 weeks. Few of the experiments included DNA extraction from Banana , Workings of a thermometer, Making a catapult and Balloon rocket. I will definitely consider this camp again for my kids.”

Jen Nash Barrett

“My daughter really enjoyed this camp. They did hands on experiments which were great. As a teacher, I was thrilled that they taught her about the scientific method. She was challenged to devise a hypothesis and to self-reflect. Overall, fun camp with an educational edge.”

Vijitha Vennavelli

“My daughter has been to the camp this summer and was very excited about going back. She said that it was fun to do the experiments and also gain knowledge. Would definitely recommend sending your kids”

Karishma Shah

“Really good camp. I love their attention and care to details and each child. Keep it up”

Joel Smith

“My 7 year old went here for two track out sessions – one with a soap chemistry emphasis and another with a forensic chemistry emphasis. He loved both sessions.

He got exposed to a lot of concepts many kids don’t encounter until junior high or high school (acids, bases, pH scale, plant cell organelles, mammalian cell organelles, keeping a lab notebook, …).

He’ll be back for other track out sessions and probably a birthday party.

The location is pretty good if you have to work near Davis Drive.”

Heather Braswell

“We couldn’t be happier with our experience. This camp is so fun and innovative your child won’t be bored. I get the peace of mind that the activities are educational and stimulating. While my child is just having fun without realizing she is learning too. She is always thrilled to go in the morning and isn’t ready to leave when I pick her up. I highly recommend them. The owners are always so pleasant and on site every day.”

Jen Barrett

“My daughter really enjoyed this camp because of the hands-on experiments. As a teacher, I appreciated the processes taught to get my daughter thinking in a scientific manner with hypotheses and evidence. There was lots of individual attention and the camp was run very efficiently. We will go back again!”

Diane Cook

“My daughter loved her time there during track out, and hated when it was over. She learned about different science subjects in depth, and then built projects to mimic what she learned. They keep journals to show that they understand, and every day she had so much to share. The staff is very friendly, and the pricing is extremely reasonable. The location is perfect for our family, and they even offer early drop off and/or late pick up. We’re looking forward to another great track out session with Biomed!!”